Kitchen Remodeling


Knoxville Kitchen Remodeling, Additions and Expansions

A new kitchen can one of those most satisfying projects you can do to your home. Timing and planning is essential. Creating a new space for your everyday living or a space that is more inviting for social and family gatherings.  This can be one of the most important projects you can do as an owner to increase the value of your home and investment.

Advanced Structures will set up an Kitchen Remodeling appointment with one of our Knoxville Kitchen Specialist to get your first 3 D layout and choice of materials and styles for your new kitchen. We will discuss every aspect of your remodeling project including:

  • kitchen cabinets
  • kitchen counters
  • kitchen faucets and sinks and
  • kitchen flooring.

Once every detail has been covered, and we share your vision with you, we will choose the start date and look forward to beginning the construction to create a new dream kitchen in your home.

A beautiful high standard kitchen, customized to your needs, (either custom or pre-made kitchen line) highly functional and cost efficient within your budget.

Free professional design in a 3-D format to help you visualize your new kitchen. Our professional assistant designers will utilize their knowledge and years of remodeling experience to create for you a beautiful custom kitchen design.