Home Remodeling


Greater Knoxville Remodeling, Additions and Expansions

Advanced Structures has a proven success record for high-end Knoxville Remodeling. We understand how stressful remodeling can be for a home owner or a business owner.  Remodeling is a lengthy process which demands patience, organization,  systematic preparation and meticulous planning.  Engaging the right building contractor can make all the difference.  As a Knoxville Home Builder, we know why attention to detail, one-on-one personal service, and going the extra mile is very essential.

Advanced Structures can help you in all areas of an upgrade or a remodel. There are so many pit falls that can cause issues if you do not hire a contractor with the experience and skill to foresee each and every possible problem that could arise.  Most contractors that don’t know what they are doing will just say “Well, I will do this on a cost-plus basis.”

No matter what the extent of the remodeling or renovation a budget can still be arrived with proper analysis, inspection, and estimating.

We feel that a client should be an essential part of the team when the remodeling process begins all the way to completion.  Communication-communication this is the most import thing when it comes to the Remodeling process. From the start if the construction process is communicated well and you, the owner, know what to expect and when to expect i,t this to can be a smooth process all the way to completion.